Lisa Wolny is an Entrepreneur and a top 1% worldwide Network Marketing Professional. A leader in all aspects of her life, Lisa is a mother of four, a WBFF Pro Fitness Model, highly sought after Health & Wellness Coach, and Transformational Speaker.

At the age of 30, with 2 small children, Lisa suffered a debilitating stroke and was told she couldn’t have any more kids. Years later, the unexpected shock of lifetime came when she had not 1, but 2 surprise babies. Multiple sleepless night with 2 toddlers in diapers, plus the demand of a busy home with teenagers, created an emotional storm that brought her to her knees. People saw her as an inspiration, but no one realized she was dying inside. In an explosive moment of inspired action, she took her life back, proving that rock bottom can be the greatest gift to ignite and fuel the fire within.

She took that fire and determination and  completely transformed her body and finances through transformational network marketing health products, and inspired thousands of women to do the same. She uses her voice that she never lost from the stroke and tirelessly delivers the message to women of being proactive with their health and living their best life.

In 2018 She went on to  Author and publish The Identity Shift – From Frustrated and Frumpy to FOREVER Fabulous – The Secret Sauce To A Sizzling You! Lisa also  founded HAVE IT ALL GIRL where she empowers women to thrive in the areas of health, fitness, finances, career, relationships, passion & purpose, time freedom, fun, faith and service to others. 

Lisa lives in Calgary, Alberta with her now teenage sons and husband of 28 years, Stan. She enjoys the time and financial freedom she has created for herself and her family, and passionately continues  to show women how they too can truly Have It All!