Currently In Pre-Production The National TV Series.
Tune in each week as our Good Cart Task Force intercepts a shopper as they trudge their cart full of food from the grocery store to their car.  Here the intervention and transformation begins.
The Task Force, Dominique Debroux (Nutrition Chef Extraordinaire) Dr. Drew (World Renowned Doctor, Health Recovery and Intervention Expert) and our comedian co-host  uncovers our shopper’s health and nutrition struggles by looking through the items in their cart.
Then the Task Force intervenes to make the shopper’s life and wellbeing better. First through a medical evaluation, next with education on healthier food choices and finally with tasty recipes they can easily make. Toss in some resistance during the process, some tears, a few hugs, a dash of humor and ultimately a great meal together!
With inflation, contradictory diet information, and lack of time, filling our grocery cart can be an emotional minefield. The Good Cart Task Force supports each shopper through challenging health realizations and tough food choices while teaching us how we can do the same.

The Good Cart Task Force

Dominique Debroux

A nutritional chef, she is creator and writer of Good Cart to show us that great comfort food can be healthy.

Dr. Drew Pinsky

Lends his many years of internal medicine experience to help educate each episode’s shopper.

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Celebrity Comedian TBD

She understands and recognizes the struggles of our shopper and is able to serve them back to us all with humor.